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Gainesville Industrial Electric

A510 Heavy Duty AC Drives

HP: 1 HP through 250 HP



• Selectable Control Modes designed to cover almost all motor driven applications

• Attains high levels of torque

• Select matching application type for quick setting of parameter defaults

• Advanced regenerative energy handling capabilities with overvoltage suppression

• Extensive Monitoring and Display capabilities

• PLC functionality built-in to enhance application flexibility

• Advanced tuning/ motor matching capabilities

• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology that reduces motor noise

• 32 Bit, 100 MHz processor for extremely fast response

• Digital I/O

• 8 configurable digital inputs

• 3 digital outputs

• Safety input contact for user’s interlock circuit

• Analog I/O: Qty 2 analog inputs

• Assignable as speed reference, PID feedback, gains, bias, and torque control-related parameters

• Pulse I/O: 1 pulse input and output channel capable of up to 32 kHz