1011 Athens Street
Gainesville, GA 30501 USA
Gainesville Industrial Electric

F510 Fan & Pump AC Drives

HP: 5 HP through 250 HP


• Ideal product for fan and centrifugal pump applications:
                - HVAC
                - Wastewater industries
                - Cooling towers
                - Industrial pumping
                - Irrigation
• Built-in pump cascade control for up to 4 pumps
                - Option card for control of up to 8 pumps
• Two separate PID loop controls
• Switch between PID loops based on input signal or real-time clock setting
• Extensive monitoring and display capabilities
• Real time clock built-in (RTC)
• Conformal coating of all printed circuit boards (non-hazardous)
• Plenum Rated
• Built-in Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, or Metasys (N2) communications via on-board RS485 or RJ45 connection
• Built-in PLC functionality
• Scalable process parameters to engineering units
• Digital I/O
                - 6 Configurable digital inputs
                - 3 Configurable digital relay outputs
                - Dedicated hardware safety input for user's emergency interface
• Analog I/O
                - 2 Analog inputs and outputs
                - PTC input
• Pulse input and pulse output signals capable of up to 32 khz
• 3 modes of auto tuning to best adapt the F510 with the applied motor
• Controls induction or permanent magnet motors
• 100 Mhz RISC process for ultra-high speed computations and rapid loop-time updates