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The Micro/PowerWash™ Series of AC Drive can be modified to include an additional Form C Relay Board or Dynamic Braking Board. The modifications involve replacing a board within the drive as well as adding the DB resistor in a separate enclosure. Larger drives require a combination of DB Board and an additional Form C Relay Board. Instructions are included with the boards.
Unit of Measure


N/A AC Drives


N/A Marathon Electric

Multiplier Symbol

N/A D3

Drive Power

N/A 5 HP

Drive Voltage

N/A 575 volts

Approx. Weight

N/A 2 lbs

N/A Dynamic braking resistors are required with the Dynamic Braking board. Micro/PowerWash™ Drives above 5HP will require the "Dynamic Braking and Additional Form C Relay" Board.
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.