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    Goulds Pumps submersible pumps combine the hydraulic engineering of turbine pumps matched to the hi-tech design of electric submersible motors.

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    A full range of end suction centrifugal pumps by Goulds Pumps

    • Cast iron, bronze, investment cast 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel pump-end materials of construction.
    • 1 x 1 1/4-5 through 8 x 10-13 sizes.
    • Close coupled, frame mounted or engine drive configuration.
    • Capacities to 4500 USGPM (1000m3/hr.).
    • Heads to 500 ft. TDH (110m).
    • Working pressure to 250 PSI,
    • Temperatures to 250ºF. (120ºC).
    • ANSI Flanged and MPT Connections,
    • Motors 1 and 3 phase. 50 or 60 hertz ODR TEFC or explosion proof enclosures 3500 and 1750 RPM.
    • Standard John Crane mechanical seals with high temperature and chemical duty options.

  • Item Image - 3642/3742

    Enclosed Impeller, Cast Iron End Suction Pumps by Gould Pumps.

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    Self Priming Suction Pumps by Gould Pumps.

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    General information on Goulds Pumps high pressure multi-stage pumps

    • Stainless steel and cast iron pumps for pressure boosting in water supply, building trade, boiler feed, wash, filtration and general OEM applications.
    • Stainless models are ideal for reverse osmosis and pure water systems.
    • Flows to 350 GPM and heads to 700 feet.
    • Excellent companions to the Aquavar™ for constant pressure systems.

  • Item Image - HB45-70

    Multi-Stage Design: Provides a steady, quiet and vibration-free operation.
    Impellers and Diffusers: Glass filled thermoplastic. Precision molded for high efficiencies.
    Bowls: Constructed with 300 series stainless steel. Rabbet lock for positive alignment - no gaskets required.
    Mechanical Seal: Carbon/ceramic faces. BUNA elastomers 300 series stainless steel metal parts.
    Motor: Close-coupled design. Ball bearings carry all radial/axial thrust loads.
    Designed for continuous operation. All ratings are within working limits of the motor.


    • High rise buildings
    • Reverse osmosis systems
    • High pressure cleaning
    • Spraying systems
    • Booster service

  • Product Image - Aquavar

    Gould Pumps Aquavar pump control for constant pressure, constant flow, or system curve performance. Versions from 1/2 hp to 60 hp Pump or wall mounted. Any three phase centrifugal pump motor (230/460 V) Eliminate large pressure tanks, separate control panels, by-pass lines, automatic valves, etc. Up to four pumps can be linked for automatic service.

    AquaBoost constant pressure system provides constant water pressure for homes and commercial properties. Automatically changes pump speed based on water demand Complete with all needed components for installation.

  • Item Image - SHV

    General information on Gould Pumps Vertical Immersed pumps:

    • 304 and 316 stainless steal pumps for machine tool, wash system and tank mount applications.
    • Pump head is immersed in pumped liquid. May be set at various depths depending on tank.
    • Single stage and high pressure multistage versions are available.

  • Item Image - LSP03V

    General information on Gould Pumps Submersible pumps:

    • Sump pumps for residential and light commercial cellar or pit draining of dear water.
    • Effluent pump for dirty water, grey water and small suspended solids.
    • Sewage pumps for larger suspensions of soft solids.
    • Stainless steel versions have air filled motors cooled by the pumped fluid. Cast iron models are oil filled.

  • Item Image - 1DW

    Submersible pumps designed for pumping out of reservoirs and storage tanks for:

    • Homes and farms
    • Mobile home parks, trailer parks and motels
    • Schools and hospitals
    • Municipal applications
    • Industrial applications
    • Commercial applications

  • Item Image - 1DM/1DV

    Non-clog submersible sewage pumps for simplex and duplex installations in small lift stations, drainage systems or raw water applications requiring solids handling capability of 13/8" and 3" diameter made specifically for:

    • Homes and farms
    • Mobile home parks and motels
    • Schools and hospitals
    • Municipal package systems
    • Industrial treatment systems
    • Dewatering applications
    • Sewage Systems
    • Flood and Pollution Control

  • Item Image - MPVN