1011 Athens Street
Gainesville, GA 30501 USA
Gainesville Industrial Electric
Hub City Parallel Shaft Drives

Basic Specifications
• Power ratings from 1/4 to 530 hp
• Output Torque to 120,000 inch/lbs
• Ratios from 1:1 through 70:1
• Output Speeds 24 rpm to 2400 rpm

Standard Features
• Up to three input modes for integrating with hydraulic or electric motors or for externally coupled driving sources.
• Cast iron housing designed for superior thermal conductivity provides rigid gear and bearing support.
• High strength alloy case hardened gears for greater wear life.
• Alloy shafting for greater strength.
• Precision ball bearings or tapered roller bearings for endurance and strength.
• Heavy duty industrial seals to keep contaminants out.

Optional Features
• Modified Standard and Custom Designs
• Optional output bore sizes for shaft mount versions
• CleanLine™ washdown and BISSC® configurations
• Unique or harsh environment adaptations

Motorized Parallel Shaft Drives
• Motors produced by Marathon Motors for high efficiency, reliability and durability
• General or Definite Purpose Motors
• Brake or Inverter Duty Motors, DC or Washdown Motors