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Hub City CleanLine™ Gear Drives & Mounted Bearings

Solutions for Pharmaceutical, Meat, Poultry and Produce Processing & Washdown Applications

The Hub City stainless steel design goes beyond basic corrosion resistance, by providing a smooth unobstructed, contoured exterior surface. The exterior is free of ribs, undercuts and protrusions that do not support washdown, cleaning and sanitary conditions. The geardrives are configured such that all exterior surfaces self drain, do not entrap soil, foreign material or contain areas that support the breeding of bacteria, fungi, mold and or other microorganisms. All exterior surfaces are smooth and easily cleaned allowing for cleaning in place or manual cleaning processes.

The design of this superior product evolved from facility inspections and design input from a number of major food, meat, produce, and pharmaceutical processors. The acquired data was integrated with “Hygiene requirements for the design of meat and poultry processing equipment,” NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-2002. These resources, combined with Hub City’s years of design and application experience in these industries, provide a drive that specifically meets the requirements of the processing industries and FDA/USDA/NSF National Sanitation Requirements. Several typical industrial applications requiring high degrees of sanitation and hygiene or severe environmental conditions are listed as follows:

• Food Handling and Processing including: - Poultry and Meat - Seafood and Fish - Cereal and Grain - Produce - Baking - Beverage
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Chemical Processing Industry
• Petroleum Processing Industry
• Tobacco Industry
• Carwash Industry
• Mixer Industry
• Pump Industry

Hub City Stainless Steel geardrives, manufactured with 316 stainless steel housings and 303 stainless steel shafting, provide superior corrosion resistance to most types of chemical corrosives and washdown chemicals.

Hub City Stainless Steel geardrives are factory lubricated, for the application service life of the unit, with food grade lubricant conforming to the demands of USDA H1 regulations. The ingredients used in the formulation of this lubricant are on the FDA list of allowable substances, as specified in the Guidelines of Security CFR 212, section 178.3570.

Hub City Stainless Steel geardrives are supported by industryidentified accessories. These accessories increase functionality, reduce bacteria and microorganism growth, and enhance ease of cleaning. Accessories are listed as follows:

• Clearance Spacers
• Shaft Protectors
• Hollow Bore Output Sleeve Protectors
• Universal Base Kits
• Torque Arm Brackets
• “C” Flange Adaptor Kits