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Goulds Pumps submersible pumps combine the hydraulic engineering of turbine pumps matched to the hi-tech design of electric submersible motors.
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N/A Goulds Pumps


N/A Municipal Wastewater Plants Commercial/Industrial Agricultural Irrigation Dewatering Mining Cooling Tower Water Parks Snowmaking Flood Control

N/A A Hermetically Sealed Type motor utilizes windings of standard construction and insulation thickness. The windings are encased and Hermetically Sealed within the external shell casing on the outside and an internal tube or liner inside the bore. The Hermetically Sealed enclosure eliminates the possibility of water leakage into the winding the liquid medium circulates between the rotor and stator liner providing lubrication and cooling to the bearings.

N/A A Wet Winding Type motor is one in which the motor windings are in direct contact with a liquid medium. The medium is clean, clear water. A pressure balancing system prevents exchange of the motor liquid medium and well water due to thermal expansion and contraction when the motor is operating. The liquid medium fills the inside of the motor and surrounds both the stator windings and the rotor. A completely water proof insulation is used on the magnet wire used for the stator windings. The liquid medium inside the motor air gap and coils acts as a heat transfer device by circulating through the windings and transferring heat to the external casing. Dissipation of this heat occurs as the well water flows at a required velocity over the external case. As is the case in all submersible type motors, the internal liquid medium is also used for bearing lubrication.


  • Valves
    • Check Valves
    • Flow Control
    • Gate Valves
    • Ball Valves
  • Electrical Panels
    • Furnas Panels
    • V.F.D. Drivers
  • Pitless Adapters
  • Wire
    • 12 to 0000
  • Heat Shrinks
  • Splice Kits
  • Tanks
  • Well Heads
    • Submersible Discharge Head
  • Torque Arrestors
  • Gauges
  • Motor Shrouds